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4 min read

5 Actions to Take Before Harvest

Take advantage of this transition period to reflect, strategize, and prepare for the upcoming season. Summertime in the grain business is both a time...

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4 min read

Merchandising:  What's the Worst that Could Happen?

As the season of fall harvest planning is upon us, let us take a moment to review the idea, and the reality, of the importance of having a grain flow...

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1 min read

You Can't Merchandise Your Way Out of Overpaying...

Grain elevator managers and merchandisers make many daily decisions that include selecting grain policies, buying grain, managing spreads, and...

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Taking Control of Grain Merchandising Blog image

3 min read

Taking Control of Grain Merchandising

Market conditions may be out of a merchandiser's control, but steps can be made to tip the scales in their favor. I believe merchandising grain and...

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Kelchen Grain Staff

2 min read

The Grain Merchandiser and the End User: Who is the Customer?

When you, the grain merchandiser, think in terms of the buyer/user being your customer – rather than you being his customer – it puts a different...

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