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3 Skills to Master for Successful Grain Origination

3 Skills to Master for Successful Grain Origination

dwilson_RGI Pic.pngGrain origination isn’t exactly easy.

Successful grain origination programs take time and resources to develop. Since your ability to originate grain has a direct impact on your bottom line, it’s easy to see why origination can be such a competitive aspect of the grain business. We can help you gain a competitive edge by addressing the 3 Keys to Grain Origination Success: Communication, Customer Focus, & Credibility.


#1: Communication
No single origination tool or comprehensive program will be effective without good communication. Communication is simply defined as the exchange of information between individuals. But, good communication is a skill that encompasses various levels of interaction. The message you want to deliver is only a part of the communication exchange.

One of the most important factors to consider is to be mindful of who you are communicating with, in other words know your audience. It is best to listen first and then express your ideas with the receiver in mind. We all have unique communication styles- some of us want all of the details and some of us just want to hear the highlights. Delivering your message in a style that is preferred by the receiver can greatly influence the effectiveness of your communication.

#2: Customer Focus
As part of our new eBook 5 Best Practices of Grain Origination, we discuss why paying just a few more cents than the guy down the road isn’t the best strategy for long term origination success. Examine your efforts of customer service and see where you can incorporate strategies that will set you apart from your competition. While there are many ways to excel in customer service, here a few simple skills to incorporate to these efforts:

  • Keep your promises - reliability is key to developing loyal customers. Don’t make promises you can’t deliver on.
  • Be proactive, not reactive - strive to anticipate, identify and understand what your customers’     wants, needs and concerns are and respond appropriately.
  • Do something extra - people love to get more than they thought they were going to get; look for ways to go the extra mile for your customer and exceed their expectations.
#3: Credibility
While credibility itself may not be a skill that can be learned- it can be earned. Credibility is defined as: the quality of being trusted and believed in. When you combine all of the knowledge you have for grain origination and farm marketing with excellent customer service and good communication you will gain credibility, and become a trusted advisor. Here is how you do it:

  • Invest the time with your customers to develop a relationship that yields trust.
  • Demonstrate that you have the ability to help them make successful marketing decisions.
  • Practice your “people reading” skills and make an effort to understand your customer’s communication style.

These 3 Keys to Grain Origination Success are meant to guide you in the direction of, what we call: 5 Best Practices of Grain Origination. If you feel the need to improve your Grain Origination efforts, then we encourage you to download our eBook: 5 Best Practices of Grain Origination. After all, it’s a free resource, and we believe that it will serve you well in your journey to becoming one of the best originators in your region.

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