6 Rules for Staying in Control of Your Lending Relationship and Your Grain Business

  1. Have reliable monthly numbers from a repeatable process
  2. Understand what is important on your financial statements
  3. Create and revise your grain/cash flow plan
  4. Train banking staff every year - no exceptions
  5. Work with only one bank for the operating line - no participating lenders
  6. Over communicate your financial needs with your entire financial team

I recently sat down with Phil Luce, CEO of White Commercial, to discuss the importance of these six rules in any grain business.  You can listen to that here or on the CFO Insight$ website.  

CFO Insight$ is a forum that promotes greater understanding and communication between grain companies and their financial and accounting partners. Jeff Reardon’s experience as a banker, CPA, and Grain Merchandising Specialist with White Commercial brings a well-rounded perspective.  Not a member? Sign up for your free subscription today!

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