The Industry’s Top Educational Resource

Over the years, White Commercial has developed educational materials for the purpose of helping our clients succeed in various facets of their business.

These resources have been so useful and well received that they’re used at universities for teaching students and by major commercial grain elevators for training their own staff.

As a White Commercial customer, you have access to our entire collection of educational brokerage materials, which include the following:

Grain Merchant Certification Program

Part 1: Core Skills of Basis Trading
Gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts and practices of basis trading.

Part 2: Basis Trading Administration
Develop a working knowledge of the proper procedures and routines involved in the execution and administration of a grain company’s daily basis trading activities.

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Part 1: Selling Side of Basis Trading
Selling is the area of basis trading where the merchandiser can have the most direct impact. This course explores the skills and mindset that elevate good sellers into the best sellers.

Part 2: Spread Management
Many people view spread management as one of the most challenging facets of trading basis. This course works to overcome the confusion associated with spreads and explores practical methods for taking control of this essential aspect of merchandising operations.

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A masters program designed to give experienced merchandisers the opportunity to gain added expertise by studying the application of basis trading in their real world environment. Places a strong emphasis on long-term planning.

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This course lays the foundation for understanding the dynamics of farm marketing so that you can move this conversation forward with meaningful and actionable results.

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A specialty course that concentrates on proper accounting procedures as they pertain to a basis trading operation, with special emphasis on Mark-to-Market valuations of cash grain and futures contracts. Designed to give students a greater depth of knowledge in the way basis trading activities flow through the financial statement – from both the merchandising perspective and the accounting perspective – so that the methods of accounting that are most appropriate and suitable for the business can be decided and implemented.

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A course focused on the financing aspects of grain elevator operations with special emphasis on fulfilling the financial requirements associated with basis trading activities. Designed to prepare the ag-lender with the knowledge, ability and resources to attract and service high-performing grain loans and prepare the grain organization for effective discussions with their lenders.

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Customer Resource Center

The White Commercial Customer Resource Center offers a wide array of basis trading and grain merchandising materials.

Brokerage customers have exclusive access to these complete educational programs, tools and shared experiences of merchants from around the country.

Armed with this information, White Commercial customers build their own strong teams of merchandisers, grain originators and supporting staff within their organizations.


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The Art of Grain Merchandising

The Art of Grain Merchandising

The Art of Grain Merchandising is the grain industry's premier text on the skills of basis trading. This 500+ page book details the practices of grain merchandising that are utilized by today's most successful grain businesses.

In this book, Sherry Lorton and White Commercial founder Don White share the expertise of people who actively merchandise grain and are making a real difference in their businesses and communities. It teaches the skills that commercial grain elevators need to capture opportunities, increase margins and build a profitable grain business. Learn to:

  • Take the price risk out of trading grain and capture opportunity from basis
  • Utilize a price-neutral position to better serve the diverse needs of grain operations customers 
  • Use merchandising expertise to get the most value from storage space
  • Generate additional margins by trading basis on bushels moving in and around the local trade area

The text includes a special section on the legalities of grain contracting and comes with a supplemental CD that contains easy-to-print worksheets featured in the text.

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Farmer’s Edge: A Practical Guide to Profitable Farm Marketing

For many farmers, marketing crops is difficult. The Farmer's Edge offers practical advice for clearing away the noise and focusing marketing efforts on the only thing that matters–profit.

This short, easy-to-read book can have a powerful impact on any producer, and it has become a favorite alternative for our clients to hand out instead of the usual hats, pens and other promotional items.

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