What is the schedule for the Summit?

Day 1: 9am - 4pm & Day 2: 9am - 12pm

Do I have to be currently enrolled in a GMC Course or Career Path to attend?

Yes. It is a requirement for those in the Level II and Mark-to-Market Grain Accounting courses seeking certification.

What is the cost to attend the GMC Summit?
  • For those who are enrolled in Level II or Mark-to-Market Grain Accounting courses, the cost of the Summit is included in the cost of the course. There is no additional charge.
  • White Commercial futures customers are invited to attend FREE of charge.
  • Alumni of the GMC Mark-to-Market and Level II courses are invited to attend free of charge.

Summit Topics

  • How does the Grain Division generate profit for the company?
  • Who is on the Grain Dream Team?
Merchandising for Profits
  • Maximizing Margins from the Long Side of Basis Trading
  • The Unintended Consequences of Grain Buying Policies
  • How Basis Trading Profits are Reflected on the Financials
  • Methods for Assigning Mark-to-Market Valuations
  • Communicating Effectively with the Lender
  • Barriers that Inhibit Peak Performance
  • Keeping “Seldom” from Destroying Your Business
The Short Side of Basis Trading
  • Profiting from the Short Side of Basis Trading
  • Accounting Side of Short-the-Basis
  • Financing of Short-the-Basis Positions
The Spread’s Role in Merchandising
  • Defining the Purpose and Process of Spread Management
  • Pre-spread Planning Procedures
  • Proper Accounting of Spreads
  • Financing Needs of Spreads
Finale: Effective Team Communications