A course focused on the financing aspects of grain elevator operations with special emphasis on fulfilling the financial requirements associated with basis trading activities. Designed to prepare the ag-lender with the knowledge, ability and resources to attract and service high-performing grain loans and prepare the grain organization for effective discussions with their lenders.

For the Ag-Lender
  • Understand how and why grain operations utilize basis trading to make their money …. And why that makes this sector such a good credit risk. 
  • Understand how grain loans are properly secured and the red-flags that signal trouble. 
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to represent the elevator client fairly and effectively to the loan committee.
For the Client’s Financial Management Team
  • Understand the implications of Mark-to-Market on your Borrowing Base Report. 
  • Use planning and borrowing base projections to identify future money needs to stay prepared for any market environment.