Part 1: Selling Side of Basis Trading

Selling is the area of basis trading where the merchandiser can have the most direct impact. This course explores the skills and mindset that elevate good sellers into the best sellers.

  • Call on yourself to be the basis expert in your local market.
  • Know what good selling values are.
  • Understand the interaction between basis and spreads and how it connects with your merchandising decisions.
  • Open the door to more opportunities by thinking bigger than your position.
  • Take a customer-oriented approach to selling.
  • Exploration of best practices for preparation, analysis & negotiation.

Part 2: Spread Management

Many people view spread management as one of the most challenging facets of trading basis. This course works to overcome the confusion associated with spreads and explores practical methods for taking control of this essential aspect of merchandising operations.

  • When is a spread necessary for merchandising and when is it just speculation?
  • Set and manage spread structure in a long-the-basis environment.
  • Application of spreads in a short-the-basis environment.
  • Understanding when changing spreads call for adaptation in your merchandising plans.
  • Spread management in differing grain merchandising operations.