Our commitment to education is the one area that sets us apart from all other futures providers. We invest much of our time and resources in this area with the goal of providing our participating elevators with on-going programs that spread the skills of basis trading. It is our desire to teach and inspire people to achieve success and fulfillment in the grain business. We like to think of our job as one committed to "growing people".

We want our educational program to do more than simply inform. It is our goal to inspire people to see the grain business in a new way, to spark a curiosity for new ideas, new insights and to change their professional and personal lives for the better.
Sherry Lorton, Director of Education
White Commercial Corporation

We do this by offering a variety of educational programs that cover all facets of grain merchandising and at all levels of experience. Our programs are presented with one purpose; to give people the knowledge, skills and confidence to do it themselves. Here are a few examples of the programs our participating elevators enjoy:

  • Merchandisers continually fine-tune their skills throughout the year with a variety of programs targeted toward different aspects of their grain merchandising program. Our annual Master Management Conference is the highlight of the season and is the time participants from all parts of the country gather to explore timely issues relating to the challenges and opportunities of building a successful grain elevator business. Regional Action Meetings provide the venue for participants to gear up for harvest by exploring current merchandising opportunities. These are just a few of the offerings throughout the year where skilled merchants get together to learn and share with each other.
  • We believe it is important for elevators to have depth in the organization with a well-trained, knowledgeable team. We help in this area by providing on-going training opportunities for supporting staff. These include Essentials of Basis Trading Workshops that address the fundamentals of basis trading and the routines and processes that go along with it. Our popular Grain Buyer’s Bootcamp prepares people in the elevator's organization to have meaningful and productive marketing discussions with their farmer/customers.
  • A strong elevator team also includes a knowledgeable lender and accountant. To meet the training needs of these partners of the grain elevator, we provide specialty meetings that include them in the training. These include Mark-to-Market Grain Accounting for the bookkeeper and accountant and Lender Financing Workshops addressing the specific needs and questions of the banking sector.

We schedule our live meetings at different locations around the country in order to give participants convenient access to our programs throughout the year. We also have an extensive listing of online courses offered through the exclusive White Commercial Grain Merchant Certification Program which brings the training right to your office.

Our education extends beyond workshops. We keep ideas flowing throughout the year with informative newsletters and website communications and author the best selling book The Art of Grain Merchandising which is the leading training manual in the industry.

We also have an extensive online merchandising Resource Center. This participant-only website is filled with numerous resources, tools and training aids on all subjects related to basis trading and general grain merchandising. Whatever question you have, spreadsheet you need or topic you are interested in learning about it is all at your fingertips. There truly is nothing like it anywhere else in the industry.

I have completed many of the Grain Merchant Certification courses, and it has given me the confidence to run our business and merchandise the bushels we handle to make the most margin we can. It’s what I consider highly successful because of the confidence and abilities that this type of training has given us.
John Burkett, Certified Grain Merchant
McCullough Grain, Sharpsville, PA
Wow! The depth of knowledge and dedication to teaching others in the grain industry is amazing. With over 30 years in the grain industry, the Grain Merchant Certification program gave me a new perspective and the confidence to use strategies that we were not previously comfortable with. Thank you for your dedication and providing us with the resources we need.
Dave Schnepf
Shideler Grain, Eaton, IN