What's it like to work with us?

People who don’t know us might think we are just another futures broker. While we do handle futures transactions for our customers, our services go much deeper than that. We have a niche working exclusively with local ag-businesses—businesses in small communities around the country whose job it is to collect and redistribute grain—primarily the local country grain elevator, rice dryer or feed mill. Our services are tailored specifically to the needs of these unique grain businesses.

Just as the focus of our business is different from the traditional futures broker, so is the way in which we deliver our services. Our relationship with customers is built on a combination of training, support and fellowship centered on our commitment to Explore. Grow. Thrive. Together.

Organizations with skilled, motivated employees simply do better than their competition.”

John Werner, CEO
White Commercial Corporation

Multi-Level Training

We believe our greatest strength is our commitment to education. We invest much of our time and resources in this area providing active participants with on-going programs that teach, inspire and motivate people to achieve success and fulfillment in the grain business.

Our training programs cover all facets of grain merchandising including the skills involved in buying grain, selling grain, managing futures spreads, accounting, financing and the daily routines of execution. We believe that success comes with having a strong team so you not only get quality education for the lead merchandiser, but also training for supporting staff, grain originators, management, lenders and accountants.

No where else can you get such in-depth training in the skills of grain merchandising than those offered by the White Commercial team!

On-Going Support

Our team approach to customer service is another of the strengths of our organization. When you work with White Commercial you are not assigned to one individual. You have a team of experienced people available to assist you with a broad spectrum of services including:

  • One-on-one consultations with experienced merchants both on-site and over the phone to plan and carry out all aspects of merchandising activities—buying, selling, spreading and financing grain positions. Our objective is always to build your skills so that you and your team have the knowledge and expertise to make the decisions and execute transactions for yourself.
  • Disciplined futures execution tailored specifically to carry out the daily hedging activities of commercial grain businesses. We work closely with bookkeeping and support staff to insure reports and balancing procedures are understood and done properly and accurately. Because we deal exclusively with bona fide hedging accounts, you receive no excess or irrelevant market information or speculative advice. Ours is a disciplined approach to merchandising.
Fellowship with Others

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our services is the power of the group. As you can read about in the section on Family/Network, White Commercial is not just our staff but it is a family of grain businesses located in communities throughout the country. Our participants (customers) are people who share similar opportunities, challenges and experiences in operating local grain elevators or similar type businesses. Over the years we have seen what the power of the group can do. It truly is the heart of our business and so we work to foster relationships between participants whenever we can.

This happens in live settings through regional workshops and national conferences. It happens on-line through internet meetings and social bulletin boards. It continues through personal relationships our participants talk frequently with each other when they have problems to solve, ideas to explore or just when they need a sounding board. Having a network of people to call on with similar backgrounds, goals and experiences is priceless!

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