The White Commercial Team


An experienced team

White Commercial is a team of long-term employees representing years of practical experience in futures clearing and grain trading.

We are a small company with a staff of 27 people, 15 of whom are consultants/educators. 7 of those 15 have owned or managed a grain elevator (2 still do!). Our employees tend to stay around a long time - the average time of employment is well over 10 years.

Our futures clearing staff knows you by name, not account number. You can count on friendly, accurate, and efficient handling of your futures business.

Our grain merchandising educational staff is ready to handle all of your training and support needs, from foundational education for your entire staff to guidance in making advanced merchandising decisions.

dwhite17_s.png Don White, Founder (1930 - 2017)
Don spent his entire career helping grain elevators across North America grow their businesses and in the process helped most of them become meaningful contributors to their local communities. And never took any credit . . . ever. 

John Werner, President/CEO
John joined WCC in 1981. Previously he was the trading floor operations manager for a large CBOT brokerage in Chicago. After joining WCC John developed a growth plan that involved spreading WCC's grain merchandising message to a broader sector of the ag industry. Since then the WCC customer base has grown to 250+ grain elevator companies in 25 states and Canada. John has and continues to oversee the overall management of the firm. John is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and the Kansas City Board of Trade. He resides in Palm City, Florida with his wife. They have 2 grown sons.
slorton17.png Sherry Lorton, Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Education
Sherry joined WCC in 1978 where she learned the skills of merchandising by working alongside some of the best merchants in the business. She has since authored/coauthored several books, including "The Art of Grain Merchandising", and developed an extensive line of educational programs and materials on grain merchandising for the industry, including the only Grain Certification Course in the industry.
pluce17.png Philip Luce, Grain Merchandising Specialist/Director of Education
Phil joined WCC in 1995. He works extensively with participants on all facets of grain merchandising and origination. He is also one of our top educators and routinely presents educational workshops across the country.
bsellick17.png Brad Sellick, Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer of White Commercial, Brad's responsibilities include the oversight of futures operations, clearing relationships in Chicago, NFA and CFTC issues and other departments within the company. Brad joined WCC in March 2004. He resides in Palm City, FL.
csmith.png Cindy Smith, Director of Business Development
Formerly from Kansas City, Cindy joined White Commercial in 2001. She helps to create awareness of White Commercial and builds relationships with people in the country that are prospective customers. Cindy is married with 3 children and resides in Stuart, Florida.
jreardon17.png Jeff Reardon, Finance Specialist
Jeff joined White Commercial Corporation as a financial specialist in 2008 after spending two decades in banking. He works to provide financial consulting services through confidential appointments and a variety of innovative programs designed to meet the needs of customers, lenders and CPAs. Jeff is married with three grown children and resides in Palm City, FL.
shansen17.png Scott Hansen, Grain Merchandising Specialist
Scott brought to WCC over 12 years of elevator management and grain merchandising expertise. He also has a great deal of experience helping farmers improve their marketing skills. Scott resides in Griswold, IA with his wife and 2 daughters.

Don Rogers, Grain Merchandising Specialist
Don has been involved in his family grain business all of his working life. He is part owner and CEO of Rogers Grain in Covington, OH. His company has been a WCC Participant since 1982. Don joined the WCC staff in 2001 and has since been working with the WCC customers on the High Plains. He resides in Covington, OH with his wife. They have four grown children.
tgeisz17.png Tracy Geisz, Merchandising Development Team
Since joining WCC in July 1998, Tracy has worked in various capacities within the company. She brings a wealth of experience to our customers in the High Plains as she helps them to build grain merchandising skills in their organizations. Her excellent daily support as well as her commitment to helping country grain elevators to make the most of their merchandising opportunities has brought real value to companies on the High Plains.
Jason Wheeler, Merchandising Development Team
Jason joined WCC's Merchandising Development Team in June 2005. Jason advises grain elevators across the country regarding their merchandising and risk management strategies. Jason has also taught many workshops all over the country to farmers, grain elevators, and lenders. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a degree in Agricultural Business. Jason lives in Raymore, MO with his wife and two children.
Brent Rogers, Merchandising Development Team
Brent is co-owner and grain merchandiser of Rogers Grain in Covington, Ohio, a White Commercial participant since 1982. In 2000, he took over responsibility for the management and grain merchandising for all Rogers Grain locations, gaining invaluable experience in grain merchandising as well as helping farmers implement successful marketing practices. In 2009, Brent turned over the day-to-day management of Rogers Grain to another family member and joined the White Commercial team. He is still actively involved in grain merchandising for Rogers Grain.
rgattis17.png Roger Gattis, Merchandising Development Team
Roger joined the WCC Team in April 2014, but has been a part of the WCC Family since May 2003 as the manager/merchandiser of participant elevators in the South and Midwest. He uses his working knowledge of grain merchandising to educate customers on how to become more effective basis traders. Roger and his wife Savanna reside in Leawood, Kansas.

Dwayne Wilson, Merchandising Development Team
Dwayne joined the WCC Team in December 2017 after 12 years of elevator management and grain merchandising for Rogers Grain, Inc. in Covington, OH. He brings this real-world experience to serve our community in education and support for merchandising and grain marketing. Dwayne resides in Covington, Ohio with his wife and three children.