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Your well-trained team

In any business success comes with having a strong team of well trained employees. White Commercial is committed to helping the grain industry ... and elevators especially ... "go deep" in their organizations ... with the goal of building talented merchandisers, grain originators and supporting staff. This selection of educational programs is available to train the industry.


The Art of Grain Merchandising
This best selling book is the leading text in the grain business when it comes to teaching the specialized skills of basis trading.  Used by major grain companies and universities, it explores the practical aspects of the basis and its importance to the movement of grain in the marketplace.

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Basic Skills of Basis Trading
This interactive CD-ROM is the perfect companion to the Art of Grain Merchandising textbook.  It is like having a grain merchandising workshop at your fingertips.  This 5-lesson program is a great way to learn new skills and get the repetition in learning that is key to developing a sound and disciplined merchandising program.  It is a great addition to any grain company's training library.

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Farmer's Edge
The Farmer's Edge is the producer's guide to profitable grain marketing. It offers a disciplined, no-nonsense approach to selling grain by focusing on profit instead of price.

This book offers simple, practical advice - there are no complicated strategies or technical terms to learn. It is a valuable resource for producers, marketing consultants, educators, and anyone interested in selling grain profitably.

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Grain Merchant Certification Program

Basis trading skills are in high demand in the grain industry.  To help fill this growing need White Commercial offers the industry specialized training in this field through its Grain Merchant Certification Program. This program provides basic, intermediate and advanced instruction in the real-world practice of grain merchandising – with special emphasis on its application in a country elevator setting.

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Grain Elevator Financing Course
Grain merchandising skills are in high demand in the agricultural lending industry and White Commercial Corporation has developed an in depth certification program to teach these skills. This course will train all levels of bank personnel including management, relationship managers, and credit analysts to truly understand grain merchandising. The Grain Elevator Financing Certification Course is a computer based self study program that you can complete from the comfort of your home using a variety of educational resources.

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library4+(1) Basis Trading E-Library
An on-line resource containing a wide array of educational programs, tools and shared experiences of merchants from around the country ... pertaining to all aspects of grain merchandising.  

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