Grain Merchant Certification Program

Being in the grain business is more than just handling grain, the fun, exciting and rewarding part is knowing how to trade grain!

Basis trading skills are in high demand in the grain industry.  To help fill this growing need White Commercial offers the industry specialized training in this field through its Grain Merchant Certification Program. 


This program provides basic, intermediate and advanced instruction in the real-world practice of grain merchandising – with special emphasis on its application in a country elevator setting.   The program consists of three courses:

  • Level I – Practical Side of Basis Trading:  Concepts, Skills & Administration
    A nine-week course that teaches students the proper procedures and daily routines involved in the execution and administration of basis transactions.  Includes a study of grain futures markets, hedging procedures and merchandising reports and documentation.  Students earn their Certificate of Basis Trading Administration upon successful completion of the course.  Level I Details
  • Level II – Basis Management for the Active Merchant
    This nine-week course is designed for those who wish to further their skills in grain merchandising with a real-world look into the concepts and practices of trading basis on grain commodities.  Studies include understanding basis values, management of long and short-the-basis positions, proper spread applications, informed decision making, and cash management as it relates to financing basis positions.  Students earn a Certificate of Basis Management upon successful completion of the course.  Level II Details
  • Level III – Skills of the Master Merchant
    A master’s program for experienced grain merchants who seek to advance their skills in basis trading.  Students with a background in trading grain, work together to take a close look at the finer points of merchandising and the application of basis trading in varying market environments.  The goal is to give students a keener sense of the opportunities basis presents to their marketplace and a greater clarity to the decisions that go into managing basis positions.  Students earn their Master Grain Merchant Certification upon successful completion of the course.  Level III Details


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